Here he comes with REAL TALK. And FINALLY! I’ve been waiting to hear from you…and I was so upset. So very upset! I was all like, who is going to speak for those of us who are terrified because the Klan showed up inn our backyard!!! Who is going to give voice to our terror!! Where is Son of Baldwin! Where is he!!!!

I’ve been wondering…then…it took you so long, I started to freak…did something happen to him?

I hadn’t heard anything like that. So finally I said, f*ck it….I’m going to have to write on this one my damn self. cause I’ll be damned if I let this sh*t ride without saying something!

But, glad you’re back. Glad you’re speaking truth to white power; and I’ve decided I’m going to join ya. Cause it has to be done, and you shouldn’t be the only one, keeping it 100.

I’m launching a publication, Crossing the Colorlines, because white people haven’t had to accept their history — until now. I think the time may have come.

Working with the Light!

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