Here’s the thing…we now have nearly total transparency with regard to these political puppets…and they weren’t ready for it…the entire system was not ready for it, so that’s why the New York Times and Stacey Abraham are up to their shenanigans.

But they need to stop.

Because you cannot spin shit (it hits the fan). And we all know what happens next…we’re living through it.

As despicable as all this is, as disgusting as all this is, maybe have a bit of sympathy for everyday Americans. It’s like waking up one day to realize your father is Jeffrey Dalmer (though you were led to believe Ward Cleaver) and your mother is Aileen Wuornos (and of course you were told she was June.)

You wonder did anyone ever have clean hands? Or have they all always done the Lady Macbeth COVID 19 hand wash, and we just didn’t see it? How was it that all of this was hidden for so long? How pathetic that they’re going to keep playing this game (on both sides) acting like their sides hands are clean?

There are no clean hands in America. None.

How sad that millions of Americans are going to keep pretending that they don’t see any of this, because they are terrified not to.

I can understand this.

I mean what would you do, if you were a kid who realized your parents were not at all who they claimed to be but something far more dark and disgusting? It is quite a predicament.

You want to believe all the good things you once believed about your mom or dad (whoever’s side you took in the very bitter Dem/Pub alleged divorce. ) But the split was just some sick psyop game anyway. There was always just the one agenda, and it wasn’t to take care of the “kids.” And it’s so hard to admit you’ve been conned…but I feel like, how could you not admit that now? Come on!

Nope. Millions are still clinging to mama or daddy for dear life still.


Honestly, I knew when Trump went into office, everything was going to come out…but I had no idea it would lead all of this. So gross.

And sadder still…this is the tip of the iceberg. There’s still so much incredibly gross stuff we don’t know.


Working with the Light!

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