He’s a journalist…and journalist have a very stringent code of ethics…one of which is uncover ALL the relevant facts, and deal with them appropriately.

Glossing over the ones that don’t support your “version of reality” or “alternative facts” is not What they’ve been trained to do.

Which calls into question this man’s competence. As a journalist he had one of two choices, go into the weeds of the domestic violence- AS IT WAS- clearly relevant Information to the expose on the failures of the restaurant, or quit the story.

That’s IF he wants to be considered a competent journalist. Clearly he didn’t and so now his journalistic competence is being called into question- as it should be. He failed to do his damn job.

But I’m guessing, by your commentary here, you’re a Trumpster, in which case, truth, logic, reason — mean absolutely nothing to you.

The truth is whatever you want it to be. Great burgers! Served up with a side of a wife’s head and kids eyes on a platter, but well ignore those little facts and focus on these alternative facts of this great burger!

Working with the Light!

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