Hey, American political science major from allegedly one of the best schools in the Nation…it was all a bunch of propaganda and bullshit, though.

I learned more about the real global power structure and America’s role in it, in Spanish class, from a really “woke” Spanish teacher.

Anyway you’re right. And it’s not just government, either. Nutrition, healthcare, all industry, is very compromised and lethal as fuck, and most Americans are total dumbshits about all of it.

Do you know that the state of North Carolina is pouring tons (literally tons, like 100 million) of pig shit on its residents. They are getting sick, athesma, cancer, diabetes, you name it…and yet North Carolina just past a law preventing residents from suing the pig industry over all of their toxic pig shit dumping.

The corporate media reports on this never. And this is just one example of many. Tons of industries are involved in absolutely crazy, sick and lethal shenanigans and we never hear a damn thing about it from the Big Talking Heads.

The rogue journalist and documentarians get run out on a rail, for asking basic, basic questions about health, sanitation and all the misinformation that has been promulgated about all the major American diseases: cancer, diabetes, AIDS, heart disease.

I was just watching this documentary “What the Health?” This doctor who heads the American diabetes foundation, absolutely lost his shit, when the documentarian asks him about the link between diet, (specifically red meat) and diabetes. I mean he just lost it!!!!!! This man looked like he was about to pee and crap on himself because he was asked a question about the link diet and diabetes.

This same documentarian was escorted out of Susan G. Komens place too. Diet and breast cancer is also apparently an off limits topic.

Almost all American food is designed to make us sick and the Oligarchs want people sick…because there’s huge profits in American sickness.

So, I say all of that to say this, the ignorance is by design and it’s not just relegated to politics. Ignorance invades every component of the culture and aspect of American life.

Working with the Light!

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