Hey! I gotta disagree as I just wrote an article entitled Tesla, Jesus, Einstein and the Wave/ Particle Duality. It’s not about any of the Abrahamic religions/mythology, but actually quantum physics, which I suspect Jesus understood better than most.

Don’t blame Jesus because the Abrahamic nutter butters hijacked all his street cred and used it for their own nefarious purposes. Aside from all of that, Jesus was pretty cool. His messages were utterly groundbreaking. Jesus one commandment, was love other like you love yourself — and Einstein said, essentially other is yourself. Both messages - groundbreaking and no one fully gets it to this day.

But there are plenty of Christians (and Muslims too) who try and ignore all the other crazy, violent, insane nonsense that comes with those Abrahamic cults. I think this guy is one of those Christians. He is trying to push Christianity in the right direction, and while you and I think that’s totally pointless (in my article Vibrate Higher I write about who the three Abrahamic religions are the biggest con being run — outside of politics and the money con) you shouldn’t ask these Christians to abandon their baby (Jesus) with all that grimy bath water (almost everything else from the Abrahamic mythology.)

I find this article heartening. Christians are waking the f@ck up! Realizing that they are following not only money changers, but warmongers inside the temple…and any good Christian who knows their bible knows Jesus WAS NOT having that!

My father’s temple should be a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves.

These days he’d have to say something along the lines of you have made it a bigoted, sexist, racist, xenophobic hate-filled, war-mongering insane asylum run by sociopaths.

Pharisees never learn.

But my point is, Jesus wasn’t down with any of this! And any Christians who want to auto-correct, I say let them have at it! It’s about time!

Working with the Light!