Hey! I never said you were weird. I said your rant was weird. I can’t provide you with such a distinctive designation without the benefit of an in person meeting. (Which would be weird, I’m sure.)

But, even though I can’t definitively call it, I’m pretty certain that you’re weird.

I know I am. I really don’t care either. Normal people are boring and stupid. Thank God most people aren’t normal. So, as Steve Jobs said, let’s give special props to the crazies. We definitely make life interesting.

Nice piece of sci-fi. Isn’t it wild that no one quite knows where any of this is going? I never imagined that the post 2012 destination, would look quite like this.

It’s not that I expected the end of the world, but maybe I wishfully imagined an algorithm for world peace and/or an end to world hunger, or something else that ground breaking.

Instead, we got GMOs and factory farms and wars on top of wars.

It’s not where I thought we’d be. The 90s were so hopeful. The Berlin Wall came down. No one even remembers that. I naively thought, after that, everything all over the world would be awesome 😎. World peace for everyone!


Instead, the biggest groundbreaking thing, is this idea that no one will need to work anymore. Which makes it seem like we’re lazy ass all hell; and yet, I don’t think that’s it.

Universal Basic Income. Of course, initially I thought it was just crazy talk. I paid it no mind. But these arguments for UBI pop up over and over again. It really might be the next world changing innovation, like windows and the internet. I mean honestly, I don’t think anyone saw either of those things coming. Except Al Gore and my dad, but that’s a whole other story.

I came across a crazy article today, about UBI. Real in depth, explaining why no one ever needed to work ever again. We’re all done with that. Work for a living, pfffff! So 2000 and late. Who needs to do that anymore?

Honestly, it’s weird that we’re having these conversations, never did I imagine, we’d end up here, debating the pros and cons of welfare for everyone. I mean honestly? I can’t wrap my brain around it, so whatever I say, is half in jest and half WTF?

I just don’t relate to at least half of the ideas floating around these days, although I’d like to entertain them.

We never even got the Civil Rights Act of 1965 right for people…now we’re moving on to AI?

The world has become too weird…even for me.

Working with the Light!

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