Hey! just wanted to let you know I watched DWP - the Netflix series! The entire series! Back-to-back. LOVED IT!!!! I didn’t expect to. I told you I would watch it just because you were being trolled. I committed to watching it as an offset to trollers, basically. I did not expect to be entertained. I WAS! Extraordinarily well done! I absolutely loved it! I could not stop watching it.

The characters! Man the characters! Such depth! I loved how each episode was a POV. I loved how Lionel goes ape at the end! He was like Tyrion going off at the trial in GoT! That was awesome! I was cracking up over the Iyanla Vanzant and Scandal satires. Lionel and Sam seem to be the most complex characters — any insight into why that could be?

I guess what I loved about this most is how many different facets of the African-American experience were captured through these characters. I highly identified with Sam, based on my own life experiences. I went to prep school and there, I found myself at odds with and annoyed by the Colandrea types. Yet in DWP, watching the Colandrea character, I found myself understanding their motivations, their particular world view far more in depth than I ever have before. Some of this is age, wisdom, but some of it was how well you told that particular character’s story. LOVED IT!

I binged watched and can’t WAIT for the new season! Is it coming? When it it coming!?!?!!?!?

Working with the Light!

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