Hey! Yes! I enjoyed this article, as it was very self-reflective and real. That takes tremendous courage when discussing race in America, especially if you’re on the privileged side of it, and dare to admit it! This will win you no popularity contests, and you’re lucky the trolls haven’t come at you, but they would never look for you under this article title.

I was moved by the film “the hate you give” and I was happy to read about a white person, moved even more profoundly; because honestly it’s very easy for any white person to say all the things you said in the article: this isn’t my problem, this isn’t my fault, this isn’t something that I need to concern myself with. These are all very human reactions and emotions…but honestly? This does affect us all. When we turn a blind eye to astounding inhumanity, we’re giving up on ourselves. Most people just can’t grasp that, but it’s exciting to see someone get it. You get it! And no matter what they tell you, you’re better off because of it.

Working with the Light!

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