Hmmmm…gotta love those double standards. Not.

What is all this “Russia is not our enemy” Crap? As far as I know, Russia talks a lot of shit about us (not that I blame it), so I am just saying we ain’t friends.

And furthermore, we have no friends. We have allies…and allies aint friends either…allies are “man, I gotta put up with all your shit, because if I don’t my enemies will certainly gain an advantage on me, I don’t want them to have.”

Like, take Israel, that nation is basically a psychopath. But hey, that’s our ally, so anything they do, is cool with us. We jump to their defense, over every single psychotic thing that they do. Would we call Israel a friend? Not really. Israel is a huge pain in our ass, but we grin and bear all their shit…why? We need them. Now…that’s our ally.

And btw, we’re no better. That’s one thing Trump was absolutely right about. No better than Russia or Israel, and yet for the past, I don’t know, forever, we’ve been harassing Russia, sanctioning Russia, snubbing Russia, dissing Russia, competing with Russia, hating Russia. And Putin is all like, “you hypocritical mfers!” And Trump is all like, “He’s right!” And they both are, Putin and Trump. But don’t get it twisted, just because those two men, totally understand each other…and Trump totally sucks up to him, cause Putin is more Alpha male, chest thumping than he is, and smarter, and way more beast, at well….just about everything — that don’t have a damn thing to do with what goes on between these two nations.

And…this is really a shocker to Trump and those who support him…Trump is not America. He has a set of interests that are very distinct from, and many would argue are directly at odds with what America is really about. And what America is really about, Russia has detested for decades.

Russia got love for us like Palestine got love for Israel — which is to say they hate us; and they got their reasons.

So all this “Russia is our friend” is the biggest crock, trumped up by terrified American white people, who are comforted by a nation full of seriously hardcore white people, who I guess, in their frantic, “oh my God America is getting to brown” minds, think Russia can be some kind of white knight, for America. Pun intended.

And, if you are a typical white American, I get how that could be totally comforting to ya.

There is a browning of America…and the browning of Europe too. Maybe Russia can stop it. Let’s import lots of Russians and whiten America back up, right?

I honestly think that’s what behind all of this “Russia is our friend”nonsense.

But this perspective is an extraordinarily naive view, regarding what the International political scene is and most likely will continue to be.

USA strongly believes in order to maintain a position of global dominance-it must keep its foot on Russia’s throat. And that, understandably leaves Russia quite pissy.

They don’t like us, although like a frenemy, they certainly pretend to like conservatives, and for a while Trump, cause they thought he was gonna be Putin’s bee-atch.

Deep state wasn’t ever gonna allow that, though. Which is why it’s all Russia, Russia, Russia. And to be fair, Russia is fucking with us. Russia is fucking with everyone, cause that’s what Russia does. Russia is like NWA on the world stage, instead of “fuck the police” though, it’s “fuck the USA” and anyone else who gets in their way. Their reasons are just as valid as NWAs. Russia thugs it out, because it has to. And just like NWA, Russia has come up. Still ain’t changed its thug stripes though.

Do you see the police departments yammering on about, NWA isn’t our enemy or even better, black Americans aren’t our enemy? Hell naw. You’ll never hear that shit officially from any American police department. Though I have no doubt, you will hear it from individual police.

So if you want to change your statement to “Russians aren’t our enemy.” I would totally agree. Not yours our mine — not generally. But then neither are Iranians, Palestinians, Afghanians, Syrians, Iraqis..etc. That does not stop our country from fucking with any of those people ungodly. And we screech about Isis and fundamental Islam like it grew in a vacuum. No. It’s in direct response to us fucking with them, nonstop; and we haven’t treated Russians no better. Ever seen Charlie Harts war? It’s about how we created the Taliban…fucking with Russia in the 70s!

You think they just forgot about that? You think they are all, “yeah, it’s cool, we forgive ya! Cause Trump!” I’m thinking naw.

In terms of US culture wars, yeah Russians got a whole lot in common with the American Pubs.

A lot of Russians and Chechnyans make what happened to Matthew Shepard seem like a love fest. And clearly so many on the American right totally dig that. A lot of Russians seem to hate brown people — via the whole fundamental Islam terror, preaching that whole “white Christians were ordained to rule the world and rape, pillage and terrorize every not white being on the globe -oh and all the women, as well, yeah, even the white ones.”

The extreme American right is all like, “yeah! How can we be down with that? We will totally overlook the whole your country despises our country, as long as you really, really, really hate brown folk and women like we do!”

(Cough, Steve Bannon -don’t deny it. Don’t you dare.)

Now, I want to point out this is not all Russians, just like the American right hardly represents all Americans. But the American right, terrified as it is, is calling for back up. The American right sees an ally in Russians of the same ilk.

Too bad on the geo political scene, the two Nation states could give a goddamn about any of that.

America the nation wants to run the world on oil. And America the nation desperately wants to keep Russia out of the energy hustle by any means necessary. And you know, it’s fucked up. But it is what it is. I imagine Russia, and Russians feel some kind of way about it. I don’t imagine friendly is quite the word I’d use to describe it. I wouldn’t go so far to say, “not our enemy” either.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!