Hmmmm you got all of this from one response. I’m actually apolitical and I actually read pieces of the Affordable Care Act, (that’s actually what it’s called not Obamacare) and I actually call legislation by it’s official name, because I understand the importance of legislation, and how can drastically change the landscape of any environment in America.

The ACA is a document that is 10,000 pages long and I would be the first to admit it’s a hot mess. Anyone who thinks Obama personally wrote it, is an idiot. Clearly, it was written by lobbyists in the healthcare industry who wanted to make sure their government funds kept flowing, while they kept doing less for more.

I know this because, I had my entire class study the ACA shortly after it passed. Definitely wasn’t praising Obama on that one.

Rarely do I praise, or expect too much from any politician. That’s because I know the Washington machine. I know how it works (or doesn’t). I know that anybody who is looking for any savior to come up out of or through that system is extremely ignorant of how beast that system is, and how it works. You can send Trump in to cut heads off of monsters, doesn’t matter, three more heads will grow.

But the thing is, Trump didn’t go to D.C. to kill monsters, he went to pretend he did, and get richer. The thing is, he’s totally incompetent and unprepared to deal with that beast. Fox News (cause I know you just love them) already sent out the memo to the Trumpsters and it said: y’all got nothing coming from Trump — his agenda is done. And they’re right. And they’re just being real with you.

You gotta to be super politically savvy to get any pieces of an agenda up and running in Washington. It takes at least 8 years to even get started, and that’s if you know how to work the system. Obama got hardly anything accomplished, until his last two years in office.

Trump will accomplish far less. Whether you accept that, I could care less.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!