Honestly, all of it. I am seeing a trend where Trump is driving his supporters - straight batty in their attempts to defend him or reassure themselves about their support of him. And it is not about the politics to me, Dem, Pub , classified, unclassified, leaks — none of that is an issue to me, especially since none of it makes sense. All this hysteria the past few years over “classified information.” Hysteria over Hillary’s emails…hysteria over Edward Snowden and Julian Assange and now hysteria over Trump. It makes no sense. People are sick of all this.

But this, is not that. It’s the slew of back and forth, he did do this, for these reasons, that get contradicted, and restated as truth…in a tweet.

He fired Comey because of Hillary. Huh, what…”lock her up” Hillary? Yeah, her…because Comey wasn’t with her, he got fired. It definitely wasn’t Russia. Didn’t you read the letter? It had nothing to do with Russia. Comey just sucked at his job. Oh, no wait, actually it was Russia. Showboating…and the Russia thing needed to go away. Oh btw, meeting with Russia. Yeah, No American reporters can be present? Oh, but Russians reporters were present taking cool pictures. Cause Trump and the Russians? Besties! It’s all over Russian social media, Trump and the Russians. Also, in addition to posing for pretty pictures, had to drop some bomb intel. No he didn’t! The General will tell you it’s false. That’s a lie. Oh, wait, no he did…he said so on Twitter? Huh? What?

THIS IS SURREAL! This is all so bizarre…this is all so beyond anything that could pass off as normal. Trump is not a teenage girl…but that’s how he tweets - ABOUT MATTERS OF NATIONAL SECURITY. And yet, so many Trump supporters attempt to normalize it. Where does this end?

Like, when bombs get dropped on us — that’s going to be Obama’s fault, right? Or Hillary’s. Or Paul Ryans. Or the Gorsuch guy…anyone but Trump. Cause Trump is perfect. Trump is God. That’s how a lot of Trump supporters sound. Just nuts.

Having a president who sane would be nice. However, I realize that’s not going to happen, but for his supporters to just blindly follow him into an ocean of insanity? For what purpose? To what end?

What about any of this doesn’t seem insane? Honestly.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!