Honestly, I don’t know what this article is about or what’s at issue — except that I know that the mainstream media feels like this every day. Every damn day about every damn thing, and it’s reached a point where NOTHING that comes across it is believable. It ALL seems like endless fear and terror peddling, and it’s reached a limit…because just how long can you scream fearful and terrible things into someone’s ear before they just tune you out entirely.

I have even stopped listening to you dissect what the lies are about because when there is THIS MUCH FALSEHOOD EVERYWHERE, how do you even begin to search for the truth? Listening to your explanations regarding what’s really going on globally is dizzying…and it may very well be true…I mean overall it’s obvious that you get the global agenda…but when you get into these weeds, I’m often like “really? This just sounds like more of the same propaganda to me.”

Like for example, you seem to be incredibly pro-Russia. WTF? We’re supposed to believe that Russia, as a political entity, (nothing to do with the people) is not dying to take the US places as the central world bully (cough) Power?

Of course it is. Putin is like Trump to the 10th Power when it comes to the abuse of people. With regard to that Trump has checks on him, (albeit less and less as time goes on) Putin has none. Someone bothers him, he kills em. He sees a ring on someone’s hand, he likes it…he says let me see that…and he takes it!

Someone who acts like that on the world stage, in full view of everyone and everything is not harmless, so if the invisible power that be don’t won’t power in his hands, I mean it seems logical enough to me.

But this invisible power, pulling the world strings, super dangerous. True. And we’re all in the dark as to what it really wants and what it’s really up to, and that’s super scary when you recognize the truth of that, but my question to you is how is it that you think you can ascertain the truth as to these geopolitical maneuvers when there is soooooooo much, and I mean layers upon layers upon layers of deception?

It all feels very X files, these days. Of course the truth is out there…but how could we possibly hope to find it in the oceans of misinformation that have been created everywhere? How can you?

Sadly most times, I can’t even follow what you speaking on. I clicked in on this because, I agree that the media ALL CORPORATE MEDIA IS DESPERATE to have their particular narrative absorbed, but people are largely turning away from all corporate messaging. Because we realize how fake it is. We just don’t believe it. But since it is EVERYWHERE, we are left with the problem of having nothing else to believe in, except stray conspiracy theories perhaps, of our liking…and that’s why so many people tune into you. You provide that, but how do we know we can trust you? How can we trust that you don’t have an agenda? Maybe you don’t. You clearly state that you just want everyone to be aware of all the shenanigans…and maybe that’s true. I’d like for that to be true, but honestly (and I’m just being honest, not really criticizing) I don’t trust you.

I don’t trust you because you take very strong stances on issues that seem to benefit one political entity over another, when neither of the political entities is invested in the well being of humanity or the planet. Case and point Russia v. US and “Russiagate” (a stupid, stupid name for what I believe is a very real phenomenon with regard to information technology and how it has allowed national governments to seek to undermine one another.)

You keep insisting, as if you have a dog in your he fight, that there was no collision with Russia by the Trump campaign to tamper with the election. Do you even begin to realize how deeply corrupt the Trump administration is? And yes, all the American administrations have been corrupt in one way or another, but this is a whole other level, a new version corruption, several versions actually. Corruption 2 and 3 and 4 and 5.0.

So for you to keep insisting this admin is clean on this point — and going so deep in the weeds on it- well it’s ironic. It makes YOU seem desperate. Like we MUST believe what you have to say about it.

And maybe you’re right about it…I honestly don’t know. Can’t tell.

Just logically, it’s not that much of a leap, given who Trump is, what he’s about, to believe that he made some deals with Russia to get elected. If that’s what the “deep state” wants us to believe, it would be easy enough for them to set Trump up so that it would be true, in any event.

I do, however, think it’s odd that this Russiagate, as you call it, has gone on and on and on, at a cost of 30 million dollars, and still, not much on it. It’s very suspect and looks like, once again, the American people are being played…for fools.

But Trump though!

Bottom line: as corrupt as this current administration is, I gotta give any defense of it a very healthy dose of skepticism.

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