Honestly…I don’t know why I bother, I understand that there is a certain mechanism in the brain, that just shuts off responsiveness to logic and reason, when it is so afraid; and that is, sadly the state of most of those identifying as conservative. It is also a state of many of those identifying as liberal as well. I suppose this state of fear, leads to ridiculous statements like the ones above.

The US map is not “entirely red” and if you just think about that statement for a moment you would realize how entirely nonsensical and irrelevant it is. The US is not a single color, but if it was, we would hope for green, as that is the most abundant color in nature.

I live in a bubble? I suppose I do, if in fact a city and its surrounding suburbs are bubbles. But, it is in fact the case that hundreds of thousands to millions reside in cities. New York has at least 8 million.

I find the above statement desperate, in it’s need to cling to a reality that just doesn’t exist. This country is deeply divided. There is no conservative majority, clearly as with control of Congress and the White House, the Republican Party is faltering and badly.

Your statements about the country being red and winning doesn’t change that one bit, and also shows how little has actually been won. Those who have truly won, never have to announce it, and certainly not repeatedly. That is a desperate move to get those who do not respect the claim to victory, to respect it. Look around you…that’s not going to happen. Disrespect for the Trump administration is rampant, infighting with in it is, typical to Trump, but beyond deadly in Washington. You can run a company like that, and you can even run a small, country with an unsophisticated political structure like that, but you can’t run the US like that…you can’t even run a US airport like that. The structure is far too complicated.

I would guess more than half of the US population does not respect, the Republican Party or their constituents claims of victory. What have conservatives won? A deeply divided and broken political system that is accomplishing nothing and destroying what’s left, as well as angry constituents flooding town halls with gripes, and angry protesters following Trump’s cabinet members, intimidating them.

I find it odd that they are so shocked that they are getting the angry mob response to all of their “let them eat 🎂 cake” Marie Antoinette antics. They should have been expecting that, not everyone is as clueless as a huge portion of the Trump base.

When you propose to destroy people’s schools and replace them with nothing, yeah people get angry. I actually saw a video with Devos being barred from entering a DC public school. Does that sound like someone who “won”?

If she had any clue of the kinds of battles those schools have been fighting, for years, she would have known better, and she would not have attempted to enter.

About 30% of the country loves the Trump administration, that leaves about 70% that runs luke warm to absolutely despising the administration. Which is behind the need for bodyguards, because when you have such a large number of people despising your administration, well it just stands to reason that these hated and despised people will need bodyguards because inevitably someone will try to hurt them. Did they ever find the guy (armed and dangerous) who sent Trump the manifesto? it’s odd how that was on the news and then dropped. So many crazy people out there, doing crazy things.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!