Honestly, I don’t think it works that way. All the polls and ratings etc, are based on much smaller number of people. That there are millions who adore Trump, is beyond dispute, but I don’t think these numbers constitute the a majority of Americans. During the election cycle, the story was that most Americans disliked both candidates. Now we are constantly hearing about all the people who support Trump still, no matter what insane stuff he does. There is even different news reports about what is going on with Trump depending upon which news outlet is reporting. The result? It’s really hard to know what the hell is going on.

The current D.C. machinations should anger everyone, because all it means is more gridlock, more government breakdown, more rampant corruption. But Trump largely brought this on himself, as did his incompetent administration- and as for the people who elected that administration thinking that they were going to get something different? Naive…foolish…no clue as to how the federal government works or the shadow government behind it. For Trump to go in and attack it, (like he has) well it was always going to fight back, ferociously. Then there is the shadow government, they are used to working with players who play the game, not wild cards. I believe that the shadow government is honestly behind Trump’s fall. As far as these powers that be are concerned, it does not matter what the people want or need. They could careless whether 160 million or 300 million want Trump, if they don’t want Trump (and I think they don’t) Trump will go down. Trump’s a wildcard, and that does not sit will with the puppet masters,

I’m personally all for Trump being Trump. Trump is calling attention to all the things that are wrong in our society. Trump has mobilized and awakened hundreds of thousands, if not millions to all of the corruption in our political system, and just everywhere. I’m glad his supporters are going to be such a thorn in the side of those forces trying to bring him down, because they are nefarious forces, totally unconcerned with the plight of the average American. And yet, Trump is entirely unconcerned with that plight as well. So really all these people aren’t losing anything (by the establishment crippling Trump) they just think that they are.

What all American people should be realizing, is how very little control we have in this alleged “republic.” People can get as angry as they want over the treatment of Trump, if they think that they can have any impact at all on anything that happens inside the beltway, they are delusional. You vote for a candidate, and hope and pray they do some good and don’t destroy your life. Once that candidate takes office, it’s totally out of their hands. As for people who believe otherwise, they are being played as pawns. This is like a three ring circus, really. Dems, and the left media doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Pubs, Trump and the right media is acting totally nuts. Most people just want a break from the madness and to live meaningful lives filled with the stuff they need, and some of what they want. Wasting a lot of energy on Trump, or anyone else is truly a waste of time. I think most Americans realize this.

Working with the Light!

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