Honestly, I don’t think that is what they are, but even if that is true, my response is SO WHAT?

It is my understanding, that safe spaces are designated spaces on college campuses where members of the LGBTQ community can feel free to express their sexuality and sexual preferences without out relentless attack from other members of the society, community that are opposed to it.

When Ron Collins says, “I have a safe space, my home.” I can agree that that is a practical and reasonable take on a safe space- and yes people should be able to feel safe in their homes, but the operative word is your home as, he who owns the home is usually the safest inside of it- and those who do not are at the mercy of those who own the home. This leads to a lot of people do not feel safe in the homes that they live in, and cannot and will not feel safe until they can secure a place of their own.

Young people do not own homes and often are dealing with unstable living situations — and to the extent that this is true, they need to be able to carve out a safe place somewhere. Colleges, where they pay tuition, are a good place for them to do this. Colleges do this sort of thing all the time for all different kinds of groups — so this is just not nearly as controversial as a lot of people want to make it.

I get it. There is a huge segment of our society that does not want people to identify as LGBTQ, and seemingly does not want to have any benefits conferred to this group of people. But people are going to identify as such. It is going to happen. So the next question is, do these individuals deserve to be safe in our society? Do they deserve not to be harassed, assaulted, murdered, do the laws that apply to everyone else and protect everyone else- protect them as well? They should, but because there is so much discrimination against these individuals- they don’t. This is a problem.

Who is causing this problem? People who feel like they can and should control other people via harassment, assault, abuse, oppression, murder.

And this tends to be a huge issue and also a huge place of disconnect between those who identify themselves on the left or right spectrum

People on the right are reframing the conversation, though, as if they are suffering from some kind of oppression because they cannot control others so easily. But instead of saying- “Hey! I want to be able to harass, assault, murder abuse and oppress certain members of society, with impunity, like I always have!” The conversation turns into these semantic battles, where their is an attack on these members of marginalized communities for asking for very basic things; Black lives matter. Why is that so controversial? Why is it so hard for so many on the right to say that black lives matter?

As the SNL comedian pointed out in his stand-up skit: this is where the negotiations start on race relations? With Black lives matter????

And essentially you have huge swaths of white American- almost exclusively on the right- saying- albeit in an extraordinarily passive aggressive format- no they don’t. Black Lives don’t matter. But, knowing that is a little too politically incorrect, knowing that these statements will lead to huge resistance and backlash, they side step it and say instead — all lives matter.

But really, this is what they want to say:

Black lives don’t matter and I want to take my gun and shoot a black person, just because I feel like it, whenever I feel like it! Just because it makes me feel like I am white and I am better than any black person! And that’s the way it is! That’s the way it has been! And if I have any say about it, that’s the way it will always be! I don’t want this to change!

And…the same is true for members of the LGBTQ community. Just substitute straight for white, and LGBTQ for black…and as a result, people in the LGBTQ community are demanding safe spaces- not because they are “snowflakes” or “cucks” or whatever…but because their lives are on the line,and too many on the right would rather they be dead than to have their Basic human rights respected.

To seek protection for your life is not an unreasonable request for any human being to make. And yet, we live in times when a lot of people- mainly those on the right, are telling people that requesting protection for one’s life is an unreasonable request. It is not. Also protesting the lack of safety you experience in life is also unreasonable. It is not. And there is no semantic game that anyone can play that is going to make these demands unreasonable.

To say, well others lives are not safe either…why are you complaining, what is the big deal (which is a typical right response to these sort of demands and complaints) does not solve the greater problem of safety in society. We need a society where life is respected, humanity is respected; and to the extent that we don’t have that — and we don’t- some on the left are going to speak to that and seek to change that, while some on the right seek to resist that (I guess) because they see some personal advantage in only a certain segment of society being safe, or attacking those who are tired of the oppression and are demanding some basic human rights, safety being one of the most crucial.

Largely, most of this is a distraction, because unless you are a college student, or are some how affiliated with a campus environment, the issue of safe spaces does not impact your life in any way shape of form.

Take the North Carolina bathroom issue, which I think is utterly ridiculous, for people to lose their ever loving minds over who is using the damn bathroom- when there are plenty of places- Starbucks being one of them- where the public restrooms are already unisex- without crisis, without incident. This is just looking for stuff to lose your ever-loving mind about- bathrooms, really? Really! Really.

If you have so many issues about sharing a public bathroom with those whose sexual orientation disturbs you - just wait until you get home! No one has any right to have a public bathroom be exactly to their liking. I want double quilted Northern toilet paper in every public bathroom I use- but that’s not gonna happen! You don’t see me storming the senate.

Bottomline- there is one group of Americans who do not want to acknowledge other types of Americans right to engage in the society and live in peace; and this other group of Americans not wanting to own their hatefulness, their bigotry, are perpetually trying to turn the dialogue, the semantics around, to make themselves appear victimized by “political correctness.”

Oh you’re such the victim, when you can’t hate the blacks, and the gays and the women, freely and with impunity. You can’t make them use bathrooms that say “coloreds only” or “gays only.” Oh poor, poor conservative you.

Just stop playing the victim and be who you really are. You know what you really mean. We know what you really mean. And so, dealing with that, LGBTQ members of society are requesting their safe spaces. They are being heard. The safe spaces are being provided and I have no problem with that.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!