Honestly, I’m not sure what your point is. Members of the NRA are people too? Something along those lines? Well of course you are. Koolaid drinking people like any other group of people who buy into all of the Madison Avenue psychological mind f@ckery, that has been going on for decades. “Arsenic! So good for you!” And the idiots lapp it up.

So the NRA, that band of psychopaths who are totally unapologetic about hills of dead bodies of children, has convinced decent, hardworking salt of the earth people, they are not that…and?Is there a point to this? Are you wishing that we should all be easily duped and conned by the NRA?

I take no issue with these people, but neither am I going to retard myself in order to heal a riff. Neither am I going to pretend that the NRA current stance isn’t all Charles Manson on crack and cocaine to the second power. If you are experiencing cognitive dissonance because it’s difficult for you to believe that all your life you’ve been ignorantly enmeshed with an organization that is deeply evil, well, that’s a personal problem that needs resolution- for you. Not sure you need to make bold proclamations to the world about it. To what end?

Working with the Light!