Honestly Steve…I don’t know wtf you’re saying right here. Seriously, your language is as convoluted as a US government agency…and those of us who work those systems know how insane that gibberish gets.

Anyway… I am up to my knees in whistle-blower shit. Trump has torn these federal agencies the fuck up…they used to be slow, inefficient and bloated…still ALL THAT…ain’t no swamp cleaning took place, but on top of that they are CRAZY and RETARDED-ACTING and regulation, guidance and rule-breaking all over the place.

Your guy is the biggest FUCK UP of the century. I have a front row seat to this fucking UP! The agencies I’m dealing with right now? I’m in the fucking front row!

And you can cry and whine “the Dems did it!” All you want — REPUBLICANS who work inside these agencies ARE GETTING REAMED!!!! (White make Pubs, like you.)

Asses are bloody and raw trying to do the bidding of this admin…it is bad…it is really, really, REALLY BAD!

Would you still be defending this admin if it was your ass that was on the line?

As for me? I am a political animal. I am making this admin work for me and having a ball doing it!

Working with the Light!

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