How Can We Build a Better World?

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We all know what the problems are with the world today; and we fret over an inability to fix them quickly enough.

But what if the fixing isn’t to be found in something that we do? What if it’s all about something that we think or feel? What if it’s all about consciousness? Remember that incredible Einstein observation:

We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” — Albert Einstein

Technology is Magic

What if solving the world’s problems was as simple as thinking about them differently? One of the best components of sci-fi is world building: creating a world where the rules operate differently. Usually there is magic…or some advanced technology. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”, says Sci-fi writer and futurist Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

And that’s true. Imagine yourself trying to explain an I-phone to a medieval peasant in the 15th century. The idea of a worldwide web moving information through the air? They’d probably accuse you of being demonic. As another sci-fi writer Leigh Brackett: aptly observed, “Witchcraft to the ignorant, [is]… simple science to the learned.”

We have some amazing technology in our world which does amazing and incredible things, that simply could not be imagined, in earlier times. What is the difference, between then and now? Just time. Why can’t we travel back into time? Why is this a rule of our world? Isn’t it arbitrary? What if we got rid of that arbitrary rule? How do we change the rules of our world? Might it be easier than we think? What if accessing “magic” or technology is all about easing up restrictions — on thought.

Scarcity and Lack — Limited Resources — War

One of the rules of this world that we currently inhabit is that resources are scarce and that everyone must fight over them. This is taken as a given in our world, an absolute fact. But really, it’s just an idea, just a thought . Scarcity is a thought that gets repeated over and over again, until it becomes the accepted reality. Honestly, that’s all reality is, a bunch of made-up rules that every humans generally agree to accept as truth. So, ask yourself this? What if these thoughts of limitation are not true? What happens if you refuse to accept these illusions of limitation as they are presented to you?

What if this instead is; you can create whatever sort of world you want to live in, that is your true destiny. And, if that’s true, what kind of world would you choose to create? How about one with unlimited resources? What would that kind of world look like? Have you ever considered it?

Why or why not? Why is it that when sci-fi, futurist or fantasy writers could imagine literally anything, anything at all, they always imagine some version of our current world, with minor alterations? All except the most extraordinary and exceptional, imagine worlds that usually mimic this one in fundamental ways. There are no limits to imagination, absolutely none — so why do writers always create a world filled with war and conflict based upon the scarcity of some resource. Take Dune, in Dune there was this amazing spice that allowed the sentient beings in that world that permitted travel to anywhere. What an exciting, limitless concept — travel to anywhere in the universe. But that very spice was limited to only one planet in the universe and wars ensued on that planet, as many civilizations wanted the rights to mine and own it; and the planet itself defended against the theft of the spice. Isn’t this same story as always, at least on earth? Why aren’t we telling different stories?

What if resources in the world were unlimited? How would that happen? Would it be magic? Or technology? Just imagine it. That’s all I am suggesting. And, we just considered the possibility of unlimited resources, could this mere consideration change our world?

Physics, Density, Matter

Our world appears to be a physical world. A physical world is saddled with by all kinds of limitations. There are laws which describe these limitations, typically known as physics. Physics is the study of matter. But what is matter? That’ the irony…for all of the studying of it, no one really knows…certainly not the physicists. At the atomic level, the physicists (the quantum ones anyway) have discovered that there is nothing there.

Matter is just empty space; and a particle is also a wave. This contradicts everything that we know about our physical world where everything is considered a solid physical object, with width, height, depth and a certain weight. An object is thought to be a bunch of particles jammed together to create all of these various dimensions. But…those particles are also waves. These waves must then create another kind of reality…one that’s far more malleable than the one made up of these illusory particles, that seem to be solid.

Physics has designed laws around how matter, with its various qualities, will move and behave. One must consider other factors such as the energy contained within matter and the the force applied to it, in order to determine how the matter can and will move through time and space. Generally speaking, it is well known that matter can only move at a certain speed, through space, within a certain amount of time. And yet matter doesn’t even really exist. How do we reconcile this? We can’t.

We live in a world that isn’t real. We’ve created it. The world is not physical, and therefore, resources can’t actually be limited. Time and space (which also limit our personal experiences significantly), are also illusions.

Time and Space

The biggies — time and space — clearly intangible but also incredibly limiting factors in our “reality.” Time is an entirely man-made construct, as it can only be measured by man-made tools like clocks, watches, calendars,, but also seemingly natural phenomenon like seasons, a life cycle. What happens though, if we simply didn’t acknowledge any of these limits?

E=MC2 is Einstein’s equation which formulates that all mass has a corresponding intrinsic energy which can be manipulated (made bigger or smaller) with the speed of light (the speed at which light travels, which is generally pretty fast, thought to be instantaneous, but not quite). There is something, that travels faster than light…it is thought.

If thoughts are really the creation mechanism, behind time, space and matter, then we can create a new “reality” and make the rules that seem to exist within in it, much more flexible.

Limitless Matter, Time and Space

First rule of the new world? Let’s get rid of all the limitations. If matter is unlimited, everyone can have everything that they want at any given time, especially where time is no longer a limiting factor either.

Instantaneous travel to anywhere, at any time, and at the speed of thought? Why? How? If matter is no longer confined to a certain time and space, it can be everywhere at all times. Take a body, as we now conceive of it, it is limited matter, subjected to various rules. It has to be maintained, housed and cared for under certain conditions. It can be armed, be ravaged by time, even die. It has to move through time and space. Now imagine those rules no longer apply. What are the new rules? Try this: you can manipulate your illusion of a body so that it only becomes material when you conceive of it as being so (which is actually what we are doing with our bodies, here and now). You are no longer limited by time nor space.

Now it is possible to be anywhere that you want to be, at a moment’s notice. Paris, France, without the hassle of a plane, passports, luggage, a place to stay even. You do not have to fly (in a private jet, or coach), to get there. Just think of the benefits to the earth and the atmosphere? Just think and be where you want to be. The material will follow- you choose when, how and what form.

Just what if, the answers we seek to our global problems are to be found in a freedom of thought, and the way we relate to our world, through our thoughts?

What if we stopped acknowledging all the limits? What if we began to make our world metaphysical…beyond the physical. Why do we believe so deeply in physical limits when we have clear evidence that the limits are not even real?

True Destiny

This is a time of great transition. We are either going to reject the limits of our so called reality, or we are going to embrace them, enslaving ourselves to even deeper restrictions. There have always been predictions and prophecies about worlds where the limits both do and don’t exist. Which world is ours?

In my work of fiction called the True Destiny series, there are multiple worlds, (just like in ours) where everything depends on the choices one has made, about the world one wants to experience. Often times, just like in our world, the choices made before (generations before) impact the choices that can be made at a given future time and place; this is how consciousness become trapped and forgets that choice is even there. Is that happening in our current reality? Of course it is.

As hard as it is to believe, when we do this, (believe in a limited world) it’s always our choice to do so. We could choose differently. Choice is always there, we do not have to subscribe to a world that has limits. You can decide which one you want to choose. Choosing wisely definitely requires extensive mind training.

Will your world be one of limitation, or one without any, or something in between?

Your True Destiny is all up to you.

Amli, your Everyday Lightworker

Author of The Way Through, Lessons Learned on Life Love and the Journey.



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