How do you even begin to prove or quantify something like this? And is this even a fair comparison? Islam is a religion, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to compare Islam discoveries and inventions to Christian discoveries and inventions? Or Jewish discoveries and inventions?

Even if the attempt is to compare Middle Eastern civilizations to European civilizations, you can’t get around the fact that who discovered what and when matters.

As far as we know the first civilization was Sumeria, given that the later Europeans stood on the shoulders of the Sumerian civilizations, it seems disingenuous, ungrateful even, to boast about how the later civilizations are so much better.

I get it. Things are really rough and unstable right now in Europe - welcome to the world. Europeans and some Americans, (not me) are obsessed with scapegoating Muslims (and clearly they’ve got issues, I’ll grant you that) for the current state of world affairs.

The world today sucks, everywhere it seems. We are on the verge of crisis upon crisis; and also this it seems to me that some white people are freaking out at the idea that they might have to share space and resources with ever growing and larger numbers of nonwhite people, especially since some of the Muslim stuff is so utterly foreign to western culture. So I get it. Quite a few Europeans are viewing Muslims as a threat to their very way of life — hence the need to demonize them as a whole, attack an entire culture and religion. The hysteria is affecting white people over here, even though Muslim extremists pose far less of a threat to us than say, as say South American drug cartels that continue to dump an endless supply of drugs and violence on us…but my American response to this is not to attack all South Americans or their culture.

This would be a simplistic solution to far more complicated economic, socio-political and now environmental problems. But we have been here before — Nazi Germany. Nobody in their right mind should want a repeat of that- but here we are, doing the same idiotic stuff.

I don’t know what the solutions are, but they can’t be going down all those same idiotic roads of hate and fear and senseless death again. So…when I see the propaganda, I do call it out. It is my public service.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!