How in the he’ll would “indigent Mexicans” or indigent anybodys afford $17,000 in annual premiums? I realize the ACA (also known as Obamacare) has all the problems you state, and is in many cases a sham, and yes all that desperately needs to be fixed.

But that is not happening now; and that is a problem that is not getting solved. No excuses. Trump promised, he needs to solve that problem. He did try. What stopped him? The Freedom Caucus and his basic misunderstanding of the complexities of the D.C. Machine.

And now, the Pubs are basically walking away from healthcare reform. All they were going to do was rip Obamacare away and replace it with nothing. People don’t want that, either. As much as they hate Obamacare, I guess they figure it is better than nothing.

The indigent Mexican comment is still ridiculous. Quote to me directly from the 10,000 page legislation where it says anything about “indigent Mexicans.”

That sounds to me like ignorant race-baiting. Let’s get all the Fox News viewers in a tizzy over “indigent Mexicans” and “radical Islam.”

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!