How is this Marxism when it occurred under “capitalism”? These terms: Marxism, Capitalism and Socialism are largely meaningless at this point. All they ever were was philosophies about economic behavior, and they were all wrong in some way. Now manipulative people just throw around the terms to scare or brainwash more gullible people. These terms mean nothing. But now there’s a push to make Marxism synonymous with the Black Lives Matter movement. Because saying, it’s not okay to kill black people is some how related to an economic philosophy…right.

And maybe it is. Maybe there is an economy in killing black people…that economy arguably is American slavery. So…is to be anti-Marxist to be pro-slavery? When you are so deeply opposed to Marxism, is what you’re really saying something along the lines of, there is a need for slavery, brutality and oppression? That it is an economic neccessity? And do you then use the term Marxism to intellectually hide behind the brutal, violent, psychopathic economic philosophy that you endorse? Which is a violent, murderous, anti-life, scorch the earth sort of capitalism?

Working with the Light!

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