How is this not innately racialized? (You know that’s not a word, but I get where you are going with the newly coined term.) You know how I know this is racialized? I’m an African-American, (however very light-skinned, often mistaken for something else) and am pretty thick-skinned about most racial issues. I have spent my entire life on the color-line. I get why some blacks hate whites (so deeply) and some whites hate blacks (so deeply) and I’ve spent an awful lot of time getting one side to see the others viewpoints. This response to Colin K. turns my stomach. I’m disgusted by the intolerance and the attack on this man for simple expressing his distress over the way blacks are being slaughtered in stereo on video for all the world to see — and absolutely nothing is being done about it! How is the subsequent attack on him for expressing these views not racist? And I don’t care who attacks him! Black, white, Mandarin Chinese! I don’t care what or who you are — you take issue with what he did or said? Racist. You are clearly showing me that you have a fundamental disregard for black life, that runs so deep you feel you have to take issue with someone who says killing black people with impunity is wrong. Look again. There is no more profound, despicable or diabolical racism than that. It is murderous.

Working with the Light!

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