How ridiculous…everything is a spectrum. Both men and women fall in many places along the spectrum. I️ ain’t real girly-girl…and as a result, I️ don’t often give a f@ck what anyone thinks of me, like most men don’t.

Drives a lot of controlling, critical, assholic men used to pushing buttons on women, crazy.

That shit don’t work on me.

But people are socialized into that bullshit! Calling this particular trait “masculine” is bullshit. More than anything it’s stubbornness.

Our society tolerates stubbornness in men more easily than in women.

I️ don’t care. I️ am stubborn as all hell.

It is a blessing AND a curse.

Sometimes I️ do need to say, “fuck y’all criticism!” But other times I️ need to listen and take it in.

That is true for any stubborn person, male or female.

We gotta let people be the personalities that they are. And we gotta help them grow from there. A person who rejects all criticism (typically male) got some problems. A person who accepts all criticism (typically female) got some problems!

And…we gotta stop making these personality traits male or female. It’s effing ridiculous. People are who they are.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!