How so. It is stupid, to vote for a far worse choice, to avoid a bad choice. I am sick of this flu, so I’ll take stage 3 cancer. Huh? What? So we’re doing this now? Really?

And this has nothing to do with partisan politics, because there were lots of Republican choices, all bad, but none this bad. Just like there were lots of democratic choices, all bad, but still, I’d say, none as bad as Trump.

This is an entirely new, extremely, extremely destructive thing. I find it kind of frightening that people don’t get that. It is not about the damn parties, it is about this country getting pimped out to the highest bidder. (And the people right along with it.)

I knew, that a vote for Hillary was a vote for more of the same bad, and doing that really sucked, but how could voting for worse, be smarter?

If your goal was to get someone less corrupt in government, clearly Trump was a stupid choice. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. I will never say you are a bad person, or that you weren’t justified doing what you did- because a lot of people were voting their conscience- and I get that- and that’s fine.

But if you think Trump is going to look out for the wellbeing of this country, or your personally, you have been conned, badly conned…and I am shocked that so many were so easily conned. I don’t get it. But, the answer is obvious enough, the votes were not rational, they were emotional. Emotional reactions to difficult situations, unfortunately lead to far more dire consequences FOR ALL, than if people had really thought it through. To ask me, to never utter a negative word and to smile and curtsy and say pretty please to my partners in democracy who have inflicted this pain upon me (and themselves) and my fellow Americans is asking A LOT. But I will try nevertheless.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!