How you gonna be self-employed at a hospital? Are you suggesting that we have no hospitals? Hope you never get shot like Scalise.

And what about the gay black woman who saved the day? Her job with the Capitol Police? Could she have self-employed herself into such a job? Nah.

Everyone in the society can’t be self employed. Nor do they all want to be. Nurses and librarians are about the best professions I have ever encountered anywhere doing anything and they just want to be able to do their JOB… well, without a whole lot of BS…same is true for teachers. Same is true for a lot of people who have JOBS that are about providing a service to collective humanity. And no self made no one any where, made it to the top with out leaning — and heavily- on the services of collective humanity.

Everyone doesn’t want, nor does the world need nor can it sustain a lot of selfmade billionaires or wannabes.

The entire human history runs on community and service…who in the hell do entrepreneurial anybodied sell their products and services to? Ants? No people with jobs…the better paying the more disposable income they have to support the self- employed.

Why do people struggle with the basic concept of connection and ecosystem? Everything is connected and self-employed and even the billionaires lose, when they fail to give a damn about their customer base.

Walmart- getting exactly what it deserves…Even though Amazon isn’t much better. But when you truly don’t give a godd@mn about your employees or your customers…well…

Working with the Light!

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