Huh? Are you saying it never occurred to me to not pay taxes? Well, if that’s what you’re implying m, you’re wrong. I had a good friend who despised paying taxes, and went through all sorts of shenanigans to not pay the taxes. She was audited. When she told me what she was doing, I said no wonder you got audited! You took it too far! But I learned from her that one need not pay taxes necessarily.

I don’t mind paying taxes as long as I receive community services that I need. In Virginia we pay tons of taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, car taxes…but Virginia is a pretty well run state. I am pleased with the services received. The roads are well maintained, the police force is professional, the libraries and rec centers are nice, as are the schools…this is what you pay taxes for. As long as I am getting these things for my money I don’t mind, HOWEVER, when you appoint cabinet members who will set out to destroy these systems and services, then you’re right, paying taxes is a lot less appealing.

I don’t want to pay for rich peoples wars! This isn’t game of Thrones! Or actually it is!

Working with the Light!

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