Huh? What? Okay so if these articles are behind a paywall, I’m not doing that. I specifically, unselected that option.

2. What horrible things do I associate you with? I do associate you with the South generally and the South has been on and is still deeply on some horrible shit…but, I never accused you personally of any of this stuff. I asked a question. There’s a lot of diversity in the South. It’s not just one thing, or one way, which is why there was a civil war, and that war IS STILL being waged TO THIS DAY. Real talk, like I’m so tired of white people lying to themselves and black people lying to themselves about what the history of this country and how that impacts us all at this very moment. That war is the reason behind both Trump and Obama -basically Obama was the North’s fuck you to the South, and Trump is the South’s fuck you to the North- and wherever you are, if you are racist, Truno is your fucking wet dream, to the tenth power.

As for your film, huh what? I didn’t understand it. I thought it was from the Twilight Zone, which I LOVE by the way, so I was actually amused by it. I heard no voice over, sorry. But um…it’s Psycho? Well that changes everything. Now it really is disturbing. Were you threatening me? Cause you know she ends up dead right? Brutally murdered by the psycho.

Ah well. You’re a hard one to read. As am I. Game recognize game. I guess that’s why I keeps fucking with you!

Anyway, thanks for responding at all. I’m doing research. You are the first white male EVER, courageous enough to respond at all. Bravo. Most white men won’t, unless they are like in the Klan and out…I guess that ain’t you.

I’m going to continue with this series, and if you would continue to respond honestly to my goadings, it would be really helpful…the minds of white folk…I’m trying to figure it out cause y’all be on some whole other shift…. I’m just looking for insight, really.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!