Hysterical! There is no such thing! (Is there?) yeah I’m good at characterization, but bad at everything else. My marathon Herculean writing task that I have set for myself, is a fantasy/ sci-fi, futuristic dystopian ASOIF type of thing. The problem is that feat requires so much more than good characterization. It requires, more than anything, world-building, which is creatively exhausting. When you write about a world unlike the one you currently occupy, you almost need a database to keep track of all of the details and rules of the fictional world. The better you do it, the more realistic the world seems. This is why Tolkien and Martin are considered geniuses of the fantasy genre…the worlds they have built are incredibly complex and therefore believable.

The writing above is easy, as far as fiction goes, cause I’m just describing a world I know well and characters I know well, based on real people. It’s half real, half fiction and all true.

And doing what good literature should do. People see such different things in this story: I see sexism, (I am not wrong), you see manipulations (you’re not wrong), Paul Easton sees a hunter on a chase (he’s not wrong.)

These responses encourage me, to finish this thing out. I’m going to write out the whole story. These comments give me insight into an experience, that I would primarily characterize one way, but now I see there are many other lenses to look through to understand it.

So I thought if I wrote about a character who was just blatantly, obviously, ridiculously sexist, you might say: “yeah, well the feminists might have a point.” But that’s not happening! Instead, you are simply looking at the character through another lens and saying: “well this tendency to manipulate is the problem.”

And…you’re not wrong.

I give up trying to convince you of anything Estwald! Truly. I am done!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!