Hysterical! And I often do consider such things, as honestly, with the internet, you never know. But, being fake is very difficult for me, if not impossible. And if you want to impersonate someone else, it’s entirely possible. But why would anyone do that? Take, John Hopkins he says things like, “rubbish” and “bloody” and only the British say stuff like that. He has a more formal voice, than most Americans. Most of them do. So if he was in fact a black widow from the deep South, geez, he/she would be quite a brilliant one, to be able to capture the nuances of an English dialect, he had no exposure to.

Studies have been done on this sort of thing, actually. Black women using white male avatars are shocked by how much deference they receive, posting the exact same things as always, but with that image. As for you, I can definitely tell you are a white man, believe me, no black American man would say the things you say, never. And Africans…well Africans are an entirely different sort all together. But you definitely read as a very unique sort of Southern white male.

When I worked at the Airport Authority, 80% male, 70% white male — most of those white men, where utterly astounded that I could intellectually compete with them (and to be fair to them, they were brilliant, so they were smarter than most people) but they absolutely did not expect me to be on their level. I am not sure if it was because I was black, or if I was female, or if I was because I was much younger than all of them — but, they learned! About half of them came to respect me, which was huge, because that did not happen for most women in that environment. It did happen for some of the minority men. The other half, just fucking hated me. And they made me miserable, and I ultimately resigned because of that misery. This is not a unique story for women. In fact, this happens to most women who fly too high. Once I reached the executive level, I was too miserable. Plus I wanted to raise my kids instead. So I left a lot of money and status on the table and took another path in life. I never looked back, and never missed any of that experience, except that money. Fat paychecks are NICE and so are fringe benefits! damn! Where’s my corporate gold card? Why can’t we all have corporate gold cards, even if we aren’t in the corporate world? I say all of that to say this, I realize for a white man to say, I consider you an equal is a huge thing — and I know this is going to piss you off, but just listen- white people- and certainly- white men- seem to automatically expect black people to be less intelligent than they are. And why wouldn’t they? They get fed that stereotype about 10,000 times a day in a variety of overt and subliminal messages. So good for you, to be able to override that programming. I am totally serious — good for you. Your mind is stronger than most peoples.

Working with the Light!

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