I actually agreed with everything you said except this last bit. I think the zealous crusade against it is actually making the problem worse for white people, because they are divided and conflicted about it, and are being forced to think about it, when they would much rather not. So I guess I can see why you think this.

For blacks, it’s the same as it ever was. It’s just way more transparent. I have had so many whites confide in me how surprised and disgusted they are about all of their racist relatives and friends. They expect me to be shocked by their stories. I never am. I am just shocked that they are shocked by these stories. White people don’t understand how racist they are as a culture, nor how divided they are about it, and like I said have always been.

All throughout American history, at least two types of whites in America on the issue of (slavery/racism) those all for it, and those against it/ disgusted by it. This recent transparency causes conflict among those two, but for blacks, the crusade against racism DOES NOT make it worse, but is desperately needed because so many psychotic racist have been emboldened under Trump. There is no telling what any of them will do. I live in a very multicultural area, that used to be almost entirely white. Many remaining white people have become openly hostile to people of color. But also many have not, and have become very vocal about their dislike of this. The polarization and conflict is increasing among whites.

Working with the Light!

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