I actually do. I think Great Britain manages just fine without everyone having a gun. Even the police officers over there don’t have guns. It is quite possible for a country to function without all the guns. Americans kill far more Americans than ISIS ever will.

I think there are just way too many guns floating around in all kinds of crazy hands and I think it’s an absolute miracle that what happened in Alexandria, isn’t happening every damn day.

The situation is this: we have millions of suffering economically, and believe-right or wrong- that Congress is to blame. A lot of these American have guns. What does everyone think is going to happen? To me the situation was inevitable, and I do think the Pub position on gun control is ridiculous and beyond any kind of sane justification.

I believe we are beyond the point of no return however, so it is pointless to talk about gun control. Everyone has guns at this point, and what’s going to happen as a result is going to happen. But it’s insane.

I don’t subscribe to this insanity however. I will never condone or excuse violence, of any kind, much less gun violence.

I am merely pointing out that because of our American policies regarding gun ownership, it is inevitable. Now I guess you don’t want to concede this because you feel it weakens the position that everyone should have a gun. Like enough! You have already won that battle! Everyone does have a gun!(Except me) and the rampant paranoia around people not having access to guns is just beyond ridiculous! I think I read that there are around 300 million legal guns running around America. There are probably twice as many illegal ones. This is a nation on gun crack, and sadly, there are consequences.

This man was engaged in domestic violence, and giving anyone a gun once they’ve been convicted of that is a really bad idea. It usually ends up with someone being shot and killed. Usually the spouse. Luckily no one was killed. But, the Congressman was badly injured. And the NRA, Like clockwork, says the answer is of course, more guns. Like the solution to war is more war. It’s idiotic to me. It just doesn’t make any sense. But I have no answers for this, we are too far gone into this particular insanity, with the guns.

I’m just being very Cassandra like and pointing out chaos and violence, is inevitable, given the national climate and all the guns.

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