I actually don’t know the meaning of the word, which is why I would never use it. I use ultimate all the time however, so I’m very clear on what I meant to say. My IPhone suggests words, usually I ignore them and text the correct word that I need, but I text fast, and slip upall the time — you see that, that’s a purposeful slip up. I was texting so fast, no space between slip and all, above.

Anyway, no foul no harm. I’m glad there’s no malice in your post, but yes internet men, and I’m guessing they are mainly white ones, troll me all the damn time, and yes sometimes I’m guilty of clapping back…to amuse myself primarily.

I have always been, a very stubborn person — Taurus rising. Go ahead and try to convince a Taurus they’re wrong! Even if I had really used “penultimate” in place of “ultimate,” I’d never admit. Taurus rising.

So, thanks for the definition of “penultimate.” Honestly, it’s not a word that I particularly like, so I’ll probably never use it. I’m fine with having a limited vocabulary. I know the words I know, and I believe I use them well. Sometimes I even make them up. And why not? It works for Trump — BIGLY!!! HUGELY!!!!

Working with the Light!

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