I actually live here and I’m very well versed in the way Virginia polices it’s stuff. Which is very aggressively. It’s not a “circular logic game” it is what it is.

You just don’t like what it is. So you want to play circular illogic games, instead of acknowledging the truth.

Like all indoctrinated into deep political right/left bullshit you refuse to acknowledge the truth because it’s real inconvenient for you.

But here it is: Rich people are not letting no one come up into their spot all rowdy. It doesn’t matter if they are white, black, whatever. It’s just not happening. It’s not going down. Let’s see if alt-right ever makes it back to Charlottesville again. Or Florida. Or Texas. Or Massachusetts. Or anyplace where the police are highly skilled in protecting high end property.

Let’s wait and see. If they plan on coming heavily armed and with torches I am betting, they’re not getting into any real nice places.

Working with the Light!

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