I actually live in Virginia and the “opposition” was people who live here, who don’t want Nazis marching through their town with torches.

And they have that right. Virginia is a law and order commonwealth that doesn’t tolerate that kind of insanity FROM ANY GROUP, much less any black ones, so you can stop all that lying about BLM activists and/ or Antifa.

Charlottesville isn’t Fergueson Missouri it’s about as white as any place in America can be. And so no, there were no bussed in thralls of BLM or Antifa protesters, cause if there were, there would have been waaaaaaay more casualties.

The counter protesters were UVA students and religious groups, holding a prayer vigil at the famous TJ statue. They were surrounded by a hateful, angry mob with torches — which really angered the entire community for miles around. I am 9o miles away, BUT I AM OUTRAGED.

Everyone in my state senate is going to know, of my outrage as well as everyone in Charlottesville government and everyone in Prince William County government where I live.

People who work and pay taxes should not be harassed in their homes and communities by out of state psychos who have nothing better to do than traveling around the country treating things up. The first order of business, taking all the politicians to task on what they plan to do to keep all these crazies out of our community.

That was a bunch of cowards, going into a small Virginia town that was ill equipped to deal with 1000 angry white guys with tiki torches, harassing and annoying all the other reasonable white people who live there, pay taxes there, and have every right to decide how they want people to behave in their community as well as which statues they want to keep up and tear down.

A bunch of bussed in nerd/thugs with tiki torches and GoT paraphernalia, do not get to terrorize an entire town for making political decisions that are really none of your damn business if you don’t live in Charlottesville or pay taxes in Charlottesville. I have lived in Virginia all my adult life, the taxes are high, but the government is largely organized and on point. So I tell you what, you don’t get to drive cars down the street like a psycho, hit two cars, and injure 20 people, killing one, and walk. The commonwealth doesn’t play that. Bail denied.

So the Ohioan — driving in and killing peaceful residents who decided to counter protest that insanity — is DEAD WRONG.

The alt right has blood on its hands with this one. Everyone knows it. Stop trying to spin it! Son of Baldwin, I’m waiting for you to write something up about this! Call this out!

Anyway, Virginians everywhere are disgusted and not standing for any of this insanity in our communities. We know exactly what went down and why, and all the taxes I have paid to this mfer??? I’m going to make damn sure none of that comes back this way. I don’t pay $1000 car taxes for the f@cking Klan to come up in here tearing shit up!


Working with the Light!

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