I agree; and that’s why I am writing every single one of these local officials, many of whom I know personally. I don’t know much about Antifa, but if that’s true, they need to GTFOH too, take it back to Oregon (as from what I understand that’s where they are from.) But I don’t know much about them or that.

Here is what I do know, ain’t no black person from Virginia running down to Charlottesville to try and pop nothing off. That’s just not happening.

And as for all the outer staters trying to pop off all the confederate drama, it’s a real touchy subject here, so we don’t need that interference. And if you’re not from Virginia, you need to stay out of it and let these people work it out for themselves.

And leave BLM out of it. They’re not here and probably never will be. Virginia is the South. Southern blacks don’t cut up like that. They “know their place.” It’s a southern thing, I’m sure you understand.

Southern blacks and urban Blacks from the rest of the country, are drastically different subcultures and they don’t get along generally and they don’t approach race relations the same way at all.

And so to many facets of white America, it may appear that the great BLM threat is ever present and everywhere, but its just not the case. And no BLM protests are popping off in Charlottesville, Virginia. I promise you that.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!