I agree; and yet people are so primitive brained and emotional when it comes to issues of sexual assault, all I’m seeing (with regards to Kobe and the sexual assault allegation) is extreme emotions from one side or the other.

And…it’s not like Kobe was flawless in all of this, despite the consensuality or non consensuality of the sex, he was married.

What I hate, it what disturbs me deeply, (because I’m a lawyer who has an understanding of the rules of evidence) is that almost EVERYONE has an opinion, about what happened between Koby, and the young woman, or Mike Tyson and the young woman, or the Kennedy and the young woman.

I want to say to all these folk: you don’t know! So shut the fuck up, and reserve all your judgement because unless you were in the room, watching the sexual act, you do not KNOW.

And even if you were, you still might not know. Human beings are incredibly complicated, and even more so when engaging in sexual activity. No one knows, whether the sex was consensual…often times not even the parties themselves.

And so, in response to the accusations against him Kobe Bryant was at least intelligent enough, to recognize something a long those lines…to bad his fans are too emotional to honor that and instead go apeshit, because someone takes a different view of the man and his life and his legacy.

As for me, someone who has really no strong opinions about the matter, Kobe Fans are leaving a very bad taste in MY MOUTH. I’m mildly disgusted.

Because what I feel like a lot of them are saying, is rape is fine, as long as it’s done by a celebrity we really, really, really like.

But that’s not even what Kobe said. At the time the incident occurred, he made it clear, that he made a mistake, he learned from his mistake, and he would not repeat it.

That should be applauded. But thanks to psycho fans, all of that is getting lost in translation.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!