I agree. Clearly it’s a spectrum. A little is normal, even critical to survival, a lot where you dehumanize and kill people simply based on race is unhealthy for the entire society.

Most White Americans want to act as if there is almost none. That is definitely not true. There is a great deal of mild, biased racism exhibited by everyone.

There is also far more of the latter, (dehumanizing racism) directed at African-Americans, than most white Americans care to admit to, so this whole, “there is no racism” is along those Shakespearean lines of the lady doth protest to much.

What makes racism in America so bad is that it is DEEPLY EMBEDDED in all of our systems. All Americans receive thousands of subliminal messages constantly around the superiority of whites and the inferiority of blacks. These messages are embedded in and reinforced through mass media, ad naseam. So much so, when you even attempt to address clear historical inaccuracies like there is virtually no chance that Jesus had blue eyes and blond hair (he wasn’t from the Netherlands!) white Americans lose their ever-loving minds.

Why? Because all over America, that’s what Jesus looks like. So to suggest otherwise messes with their reality. No one likes to have their reality tampered with. Take it a step further, and point out that according to actual biblical descriptions, he probably looked something like Osama Bin Laden, and some people just internally combust. Their brains cannot reconcile this new information, with the images they’ve been exposed to over and over and over again.

All Americans are exposed to the basic concept that white is good and black is bad, over and over and over again, in any number of covert and overt ways. As a result, EVERYONE in America is racist against Black Americans, even other Black Americans (especially other Black Americans.)

One of my friends, told me about how this Middle Eastern woman, who could barely speak English, tracked her down to call her a nigger, because she felt as if my friend had stolen her parking space. (She probably had.)

As a result of incidents like this, a lot of Black Americans want immigrants out of the country as well. Irony of all ironies, racist whites and racist blacks will unite against immigrants.

The immigration situation, much like the racism, is so complicated. Most immigrants who do basic labor, work for pennies on the dollar under special visas. Highly skilled immigrants will do highly skilled work, for less than most Americans, so in a sense they are taking jobs from Americans and undercutting salaries and wages, but they get imported by industries. The complaints against these labor practices need to be taken directly to the industries, otherwise complaints against any individual immigrant is pointless. It will not change a thing.

The systematic racism, has had a very real negative impact on African-Americans (and oddly enough not as deep an impact on other blacks. Africans or blacks from the Caribbean for example.) They are more immune to the brainwashing because they didn’t grow up with it.

These bias tests, (the first one developed was for race) developed by some Harvard psychologists in the late 90s, I believe, are thought to be probative of the idea that everyone in America is racist against blacks. The test forces you to quickly make decisions at a glance, the decisions made show time and time again, people are far from colorblind and almost all test takers show a positive bias for whites and a negative bias against blacks, regardless of what race the test-taker is.

The ramifications of this are vast, as the biases extend to every aspect of our society. How blacks are treated in all the societal systems, which don’t treat people great anyway, but definitely treat black and brown people the worst. This has reached a breaking point in America.

But it’s not like this point hasn’t been reached before. America keeps doing this thing of oppressing blacks relentlessly, reaching this breaking point where there are slave revolts and riots in the streets, easing up on the oppression a little, but then when blacks get too unoppressed, like having a black US President, the cycle starts all over again.

This problem is as old as America is, and it’s never been resolved, just as most of the world’s global conflict’s seems to be unresolved. None of the WWII stuff has really been resolved. We’re still tap dancing around all of those issues.

The US owes it’s world supremacy to a lucky turn of events during WWII (mainly not having it’s mainland hit.) We will not be so lucky if it pops off again. So it would be truly awesome if Nations could figure out how not to repeat the same cycles. But…it doesn’t look like that’s where we are headed. It’s looking like here we go again…

Working with the Light!

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