I agree. Don’t know if you know this, but there is a new novel out receiving much critical acclaim entitled American War. It’s about a future civil war in America due to oil being outlawed. The South was on the side of oil.

I couldn’t understand the premise of this novel, as it seemed utterly preposterous. But reading your article and seeing all the commentary that has followed, now I totally get it.

I also now understand the extreme resistance to the green energy movement, by certain segments of our population.

It is totally destabilizing the economic foundations of entire states, and outside of the U.S., countries. Most of our wars are fought over oil. When you disrupt the need for oil, you are actually disrupting an entire global-geo political system. Most American voters do not understand this system, and therefore don’t fully understand all of the repercussions of embracing green energy. Reading this article I see that I don’t. But green energy combined with AI, will eliminate millions of jobs in transportation, and related industries.

As for me, I am all for it, as I realize, no matter what, we can only go forward. It’s just futile to try and turn the clock back. It will not work and will only lead to being further behind the curve. I now understand all the outrage around Trump dragging us back on this. I didn’t get it before, but now I do. He is like a president around the earliest 20th century railing against the burgeoning car industry. That would have been disastrous. But Trump is literally moving backwards with his coal and big oil obsession.

But here is what I do understand, based on your article and responses to it, Louisiana runs on oil and that industry. It is not in a position to go electric easily. Therefore, understandably, it wants to keep what it has. Green energy is great for cities, but maybe not so much for rural areas. I don’t really know enough about it to say for sure, but it seems like this could be another treacherous blow to rural America. So of course they resist green clean energy.

What Trump supporters and rural voters want, will be good for them and Trump in the short run, but bad for all of America in the long run.

This really could lead to civil war. I hope not. At any rate, irony of all ironies, a Middle Eastern author has written a book about a post apocalyptic America that has taken quite a fall from the world stage due to it’s inability to go green, quickly enough and compete with the rest of the world. I was going to read this anyway, now I am definitely.

We really have to think about how to include rural America in on these big shifts. But at this point there is such a deep ideological distrust of that which is urban and that which is green, it will be a really hard sell.

I read an article about a science teacher, working in a rural area via a special program. He was viciously attacked by a few students for introducing a lesson on climate change. Of course he was baffled by this. But the students associate climate change with loss of jobs in the coal industry, in other words poverty, severe poverty for them. I don’t know if that is a bias that can easily be overcome.

If rural America doesn’t get something out of clean energy, (and thus far, it’s not looking so good) of course they will hate it and resist it until the bitter end.

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