I agree. I think people who think that way have long been in the minority, but I also believe this is changing and has been changing for the last two decades or so. Drastic changes are coming to humanity that are going to totally upend what has been.

I think this shift in thought, more than anything, is disrupting social systems so profoundly, some people are really entrenching in the traditional and known, as a sort of defensive response and that would never be Svetlana.

I don’t bother with trying to convince Svetlana Voreskova of anything, because clearly she has a worldview that she will fight to the death to maintain, at any costs, insulting and lying on people ad naseam, which makes me think that she must feel really threatened by opposing ideas; and in a world as unstable and uncertain as the one we are all inhabiting, such fears are understandable.

I’m not, particularly threatened by anyone’s opposing ideas because I recognize that they impact my life very little. Even the changes in the collective consciousness will impact your life very little, which is to say if you want to remain in a limited traditional paradigm, you can. It’s your prison Svetlana…enjoy it.

But more to the point about what the future holds. I do believe it holds something entirely different for some of us, and people like Svetlana, are ferociously holding onto the past, to the point that they are determined to keep others there with them. This is not working. She can stay in the past that is so comforting to her, undoubtedly she will, but others will move on to the future. Past a certain age, people really can’t embrace new ideas. Im guessing Svetlana is passed that point, and frightening an older person with ideas that obviously seem radical is clearly not how I want to spend my time. As you have pointed out there is no point — other than to appear petty and mean.

I must say, I find your grasp on US race relations quite impressive as you are all the way over in the U.K., and yet you seem to have a clue! I wouldn’t expect anyone outside of the US to have a clue about what is going on really, as most inside the U.S. don’t understand. The U.S. is extraordinarily segregated — which is to say, for a the most part whites live with whites and blacks live with blacks — and those worlds do not interact often, although that is changing, too. Millennials have very different ideas about things and want to live differently. They tend to be very much into multiracial, multiculturalism — and take it as a given. The area where I live is very multicultural — and it can be interesting, but also very tense. It’s not all peaches and cream, there is a tremendous amount of conflict involved with it, but at the same time, it is what it is — and it is idiotic at this point to think that there is an escape from it, and a lot of white Americans are wanting that because the multiculturalism makes them uncomfortable. White Americans have forever held the balance of power with regard to numbers; yet that is swiftly changing and that this would happen, right around this time has long been known by the federal government. I was — because I used to run affirmative action stats — which are based on census stats-privy to this information back in 2000. I say all of that to say this -if the political agenda in the US was to keep America predominantly white, that would have needed to be implemented about 16 years ago. It wasn’t and now it’s largely too late, for that.

But America is certainly not predominantly black either. Blacks make up about 10% of the population generally, much larger concentrations in the South, however-and this is where the voting rights/voter suppression has largely been a huge issue. Living in Virginia(which is the South) I personally had to register to vote 5 times, before I was actually permitted to vote. Voter suppression of minorities and women is a very, very real thing. So for people like Svetlana to say it’s not, or to conveniently say, my personal story doesn’t matter, is a sort of propaganda and also a way to not have address or confront the problem. My personal story is indicative of a much larger problem and you can find the history and stats to back it up if you want to. You can also overlook that history and find stats to back up the other opposite of you want to. The US has been fighting this civil war, since before the Civil War. Both sides have gotten very adept at fighting — US race relations are in a very Israel/Palestine sort of stalemate. But I am surprised someone from the outside looking in gets it. So many people say, (idiotically) Barack Obama! Oprah Winfrey! Black Americans have it made! This is pure idiocy. Like saying George Bush! Donald Trump! White Americans have it made!

They don’t. In fact most white Americans are finding themselves encountering the same economic crises that black Americans faced twenty years ago, with the crack epidemic except theirs is a heroine epidemic. It is literally killing off entire towns in Ohio, which is where I’m from. And…it is extremely disturbing as these people have worked what we call here in America “the bread basket.” They work the farms which produce the bulk of our food. The loss of these people is going to severely change food availability here in America. Its quite tragic. And yet, these people have been complaining about their economic losses for years. Since I was a kid.

And so, white numbers are dropping drastically and all different kinds of immigrants are in coming and doing all sorts of different things. So much is changing so quickly here in America. For example, to be black is now to be, at least in the South, a preferred kind of minority because we are such a known quantity-especially in the South where that slavery history runs deep. All these other brown people, however, the Middle Easterners, the Hispanics are now the majority and they are completely unknown to a majority white power structure. And, quite honestly, they live very, very differently.

That’s here in Virginia. In Cleveland, Ohio, (where I’m from) the multicultural twists is primarily Asian. So many more Asians, than any one else. They are there for the Cleveland Clinic, which is world renoun.

It is uncomfortable to have to constantly interact with a lot of cultures that you don’t understand, but here is the neat thing about America, that I’ve seen over and over again with the children of immigrants. America has a way of turning people into Americans, no matter who they are or where they are coming from…all the kids just want to be American.

I find myself struggling with a lot of the new ideas that many activists have presented to me. Most of the ideas I reject are coming from the Millennials — and in America the Millenials are driving a lot of the activists movements that have garnered so much attention: the BLM movement- Millenials. The new third and fourth wave feminism- Millennials. This transgender movement-Millennials. The Multicultural movement- Millennials. And the extreme backlash to all of it? Millenials. They’ve got some stuff to work out, as a generation.

I’m a Gen Xer, which in America is a middle ager — caught between the Baby Boomers and the Millenials. All of these generations see things drastically different. To me the Boomers are ridiculously traditional and the Millenials are outrageously out there, but I realize no matter how insane I think the Millenials get — they are the future. I think they see their future as a multicultural one.

They are going to drastically change, probably what it even means to be human, and there’s no changing that. Not by me, not by you, not by Svetlana — a lot of change is coming. America, I think, is ground zero for the new world order — whatever that is.


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