I agree. I want to add that I think there are many ways to know God and all the major religions are only the most basic, and they give people an idea of God that is really juvenile- like a big man in the skies looking at everyone making rules. That’s ridiculous. I don’t think there is that -I never believed it, as I grew up as a Christian too.

Speaking of the soul, I remember reading this one line in Gary Zukav’s Seat of the Soul (which is all about the existence of the Soul). The line was something to the effect of “ the universe is filled with higher and higher and ever higher forms of intelligence that ultimately results in what we call God.” That resonated with me. A really great book about God, is How to Know God, by Deepak Chopra. It considers that an individual will relate to God based on where they are in their spiritual development. Most people need for their experience ls with God to be very structured and therefore they cling to their various organized religions with all their might.

However, once you move past those structured stages, you are ready to develop a more personal relationship with God, where you don’t need organizations. People who are at these higher stages, are the ones who can easily use the law of attraction, though they also call it “co-creating.” So the idea is that you essentially realize that you are in a partnership with God, and you are creating in your life, just as God creates. But you don’t go about wishing for a lot of material things, because the truly spiritually evolved realize that material things are not all that important. You create a life that is positive and about being of service to humanity. If you approach LoA from a purely materialistic perspective, it’s not going to work for long because you’re completely missing the point of what you are supposed to be doing with your thoughts and feelings. You are supposed to be creating a good life, that honors God, yourself and others. You are not supposed to be chasing material things endlessly. That’s pointless. I think this is where people get into trouble with LoA, I think that they do not understand the vast spirituality behind it. It’s not about winning the lotto.

I think what we call “God” is this massive intelligence, just pure intelligence, and knowing that and connecting with that requires a tremendous amount of inner work. I believe praying, LoA, meditation and even CBT are all different types of this inner work.

If you think of the mind, as a tool that connects the human being to God, as a conduit so to speak, then you realize whatever is happening inside the mind is critical.

Organized religion doesn’t do much to get you there, because those are control systems, which is to say, the stakeholders in organized religion are far more interested in controlling people than developing any sense of spirituality within people. In fact, they dislike spirituality intensely because spiritual people cannot be controlled in the way most nonspiritual people can.

I hear what you are saying about all the untold stories about failure, with regard to LoA and lottery tickets, and I agree that it is damn near impossible to win the lotto using LoA or any other means. But I am also saying, if you believe, really believe that you can win through LoA, if you belief is truly strong enough to override everyone else’s beliefs about it, then that’s what your reality is going to be.

I really do believe we create our own reality via what we think and feel. And even sometimes what we don’t think about. Believe me, I used to believe all of this was a bunch of nonsense as well, but CBT helped me immensely, and through CBT I began to explore other methods of using the mind to affect change in my reality.

I also started doing this book called A Course in Miracles. I say doing because it’s these series of meditations you do for a year. That caused me to have a spiritual experience. It changed my world view completely, and I’ve never gone back to seeing the world quite the same.

Then I had an NDE — and that makes the whole body/mind/spirit connection really obvious. Because when your body is close to death, the mind, the body and the spirit-they separate. The body instinctively fights for life, with all its might. The mind is confused, and doesn’t understand what’s happening. But the spirit is fine with it all. The spirit is not confined to the body, nor is the mind, but because the mind connects so deeply to the body, whenever something is deeply wrong with the body, the mind gets confused.

Patients tell doctors all the time, (and I told my doctors) that they hear the things they are saying and doing when they are unconscious. How can that be? My experience is that the mind records everything, even when the body is unconscious, because the mind is not confined to the body.

Everyone knows that we are more than a series of parts that move, but because nothing but the parts can be seen and measured — western science stops all inquiry there. But that’s ignoring so much of what the actual human experience is — and that’s just in the West anyway. In the East, there has always been this belief in more than the physical and they have always incorporated that into their ancient medicine, which the West has failed to disprove or prove.

I’ve been looking at TED talks about consciousness being non local. Which is to say we think are minds are in our bodies but, the military (of all institutions!) have been studying for decades how this is not the case. If someone on American soil has the ability to look at what is going on in military base over in Russia or any other part of the world, What an advantage that gives the US military. Don’t think for one second these kind of abilities aren’t being explored.

But consciousness, so much we don’t know about it. So much we fail to understand, and so we then fail to understand our true abilities. Science has, at least to me, taken such a very limited inquiry into what it means “to be” that it can’t be trusted, any more than law; and science does have traditions, very strict ones, like the scientific method, that goes back centuries. One of its strictest rules is to stay away from anything that looks like it is veering off into the territory of the spiritual, because the church demanded this of science, from the start. The church insisted that was solely their realm, and any scientist who transgressed the boundaries would be deeply punished. So science established a firm boundary and acted as if it wanted nothing to do with the spiritual, and then it really started to believe that.

But, to me, it’s inevitable that science has got to, at some point, bump up against the spiritual. It has to tackle the question of what is consciousness? Do we have a soul? Who is God? Does he/ she/ it really exist and if so, in what form? Because not to do so, is only to answer a fraction of the questions out there. And science deserves better than that.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!