I agree. It is problematic. And it’s the reason (I think) these kinds of allegations are absolutely the worst kind to air publicly as this has been aired.

But the other side to this is that is the risk and the cost of being in the national spotlight. The press actually has every right to dig all up in your closet and drag out all kinds of skeletons and I do think this is Press driven and not politically driven, because this is a lose/lose issue for both Dems and Pubs for a variety of reasons.

But back to evidence- direct testimony is evidence- it’s just not the best; but without any corroborating evidence it is pretty flimsy. Unfortunately, in many of these cases, that’s all there is. It was good enough to send Mike Tyson to jail for years…but unheard of when we’re talking about a white guy right, not getting his dream job.

Working with the Light!

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