I agree. It’s beyond ridiculous. But the right is not only doing away with truth, more frightening, it is dismantling logic and reason — so with that truth is irrelevant any way.

Their game plan for the past ten years or so has been to terrify their constituents — with all sorts of lies that frighten them. In that fear based state, they can’t reason (seriously the brain works differently). The truth is only necessary if you want to think and figure things out. Democrats allow more truth because they seem to want a constituency they can reason with. Republicans do not. They seem to want a constituency that can be totally and easily manipulated- and they really don’t even hide it that much. Trump son in law, that everyone is all ga-ga in a tell all business article, basically brags about how Campaign machinery he built, got Trump supporters to jump when he said when. He knows exactly how much money, he can get from every single one of them and when. He also bragged about his extraordinarily efficient (albeit unethical and maybe even illegal tactics to suppress minority and women votes.)

They play much, much, much dirtier than Dems, and accuse the Dems of doing all the dirty things that they are in fact doing.

Working with the Light!

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