I agree. Like enough already of this bullshit…which doesn’t even make since…Michelle Obama huggin all over Dubya…wtf? And really? What bucket of cray cray propaganda is this even supposed to be? I don’t even know. I don’t even think it’s what you claim it is cause most “mericans” ain’t even that smart…to even have a clue regarding the war crimes Dubya is guilty of.

This just seems like…the simulation is broken…something my son keeps saying to me. There really is no earthly reason for the powers that be to keep shoving this ish down our throats…it’s as if the entire system, the grid, the matrix…whatever ya wanna call it…has gone regarded.

It doesn’t know what to do any more…what airbrushed lies to push out for the purposes of manipulating millions of feeble minds…I mean let’s face it…nothing is working as intended anymore…the “programming” has gone entirely rogue…in a million in one directions. The “narrative” has completely gone off the rails.

Working with the Light!

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