I agree that yes demographics are really complex — and our gender issues as well are very complex- but when you have nations like China, where the entire population was incentivized to kill all the female babies (and not intelligent enough as a nation to realize this would eventually create a bizarre male imbalance within their society) you can’t just act like this imbalance comes out of nowhere. It’s not like, Gee 60 more million men on the planet, how does this happen?

There are, shall we say, many murderous systems in place…and while these systems target men as well as women, these systems are also designed to value men above women, so I’d guess that as a result more women actually die under these patriarchal systems, whereby Ana Frusinoiu is technically correct in asserting that women are more likely to die under these male controlled systems that:

1. Don’t value human life all that much period but

2. especially don’t value female life.

These problems and imbalances are so much bigger than any one man or woman, but clearly they can be traced back to the fact that our systems are male dominated. There is a severe imbalance in that, which has not served society, humanity or the world well, for that matter.

People are trying to demonize feminism and feminists for pointing to this imbalance, but I bet you a million and one dollars, these very same people would have absolutely no problem with many of these radical feminists theories if they were applied to, say young black males in America’s inner cities…and in fact they do apply these radical feminists theories to that population. (Radical feminists believe that masculinity is so toxic, it must be destroyed.)

Well in American inner cities, like Chicago, there a huge chunks of what I would call “toxic masculinity.” The reasons for that, very complex, but it’s primary cause is definitely male on male crime. The larger, American white male response? Kill all those young black men. Or Dispose of them, or confine them, in some way…the prison system, by pouring tons illegal guns in the community so that they will kill themselves off. (Oh yeah…that’s a thing.)

So, in these communities where there are hardly any functional adult males, what do you think happens to the women and children? They are extremely vulnerable due to these extraordinary imbalances.

What happens when these women try to raise male children? Very often, more often than not, they fail to get them safely into adulthood, because in order to effectively raise a male child, that male child needs a role model and in these communities there are very few positive adult male role models. So as the child attempts to transition into adulthood he will attempt to fill that void on his own by joining a gang. Of course these gangs are bastions of “toxic masculinity” they steal, rape, run human trafficking rings (with young girls), murder (each other and anyone who happens to be in the way).

The last time I went to a club, in my hood, I was 19 years old. This was many years ago. My friends and I couldn’t get into our car, because the locks had frozen up. So five of us are shivering around this car, trying to break in, meanwhile this gang of guys is chasing another gang of guys, and spraying bullets everywhere, as if they were playing with nerf guns. They truly seemed to careless as to whom these bullets hit, as if getting hit by a bullet carried no consequences, as if it were a game.

One of my friends starts screaming at them, about how they don’t need to be shooting around us, because we didn’t do anything to them, and we’re just trying to get into our car. Did that stop them? Hell no. I’ll never forget the look in one guy’s eyes. It was as if he didn’t even see us. He was so focused on whoever he was trying to kill.

Long story short? They didn’t stop shooting. We all hit the ground, and by the grace of God, survived a shower of bullets that eventually passed us by. We could have easily been killed though. What actually saved us, was the focus of that guy who was intent on hitting the target, the other group of guys. Any murder of us would have been incidental, but he simply did not care whether we lived or died.

Multiply that event by 10,ooo and run it around the clock, and you will then have an inkling of what it means to live in the Cabrini Green projects in Chicago.

Now, I ask you, how do you solve a problem like this? An imbalance (created by patriarchy on steroids) which has resulted nonstop bullets raining on a community, because there is no functional sane male presence in that community? America’s extraordinarily lazy answer is to keep pouring enough guns into these communities so that the inhabitants will kill themselves all off and/or lock these boy/men up. It is basically the radical feminist solution.

Radical feminist would have extraordinary support if they were to take their message and direct it only to black and brown males in these sorts of environments. If they were to do that, then the radical feminist would be emphatically embraced by the MRA groups.

I say all of that to say this, in our world, male dominated systems are extraordinarily competitive and violent, beyond utility and functionality.

Violence is useful, in moderation. Competition is useful, when it can be checked. But when you have entire cities that rain bullets? You have a force of nature that is entirely out of control, and completely imbalanced, and it is a force that probably, if only incidentally, kills more woman and children than men, because the women and children just happen to be in the way. It is a force of nature that absolutely terrifies most white Americans in this country, and it should, because this slow, seething hatred of white America (ongoing for many decades now) by this vast black underclass is real and simmering to a boil. They know who is truly responsible for their misery. They are very well that is Paul Ryan…and in their minds, just about anyone who looks like him. (Though that’s not entirely true.) This anger, this rage, most keenly felt toward law enforcement first and foremost has been contained for a very long time, but honestly, no one knows if it can continue to be contained much longer. The anger, frustration and rage is as palpable on the black side, as the fear is on some of the white.

Which is why Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are wildly popular with a certain demographic. They are taking more aggressive steps to contain the rage of America’s black underclass, but honestly? All those types of solutions (bigger, more confining, more brutal and inhumane law enforcement and prisons) just make the problems much worse. I have seen with my own two eyes, America’s black urban populations become increasingly more violent, vicious and inhumane, due to this male imbalance. In those environments, America is actually breeding a very toxic strain of black male masculinity as well as white male masculinity.

Now, I feel like I must point out that, these vast black underclasses in America doesn’t represent all of black America. Black America is very diverse, with all the socioeconomic levels that any other race has, but because a certain segment of white America so deeply fears America’s black underclass, they would have all of white America believing that all blacks in America represent this black underclass — and this simply isn’t so.

I have two points in this. One is that, I think Ana is right. Women are being killed off by men via the nature of these male dominated systems.

The other, (and this is a correlation very few people ever make because especially here in America no one wants to discuss the truth about what’s really going on with racism and sexism) is that Racism and sexism are DEEPLY intertwined.

Here is how that works, males in power only value other males of their tribe, above all other males, and certainly above all other women. Males see other males outside their tribe as competition, and seek to eliminate them. As for the women of their tribe, they need to be controlled in order to keep, males of the tribe in power. (I am almost taking this verbatim from a MRA site.) Females not in the tribe? Keep them around as slaves to work and be endlessly raped. This dynamic has been played out in history time and time again.

The result of this is an extraordinary amount of male on male violence, but even more male on female violence. The paradigm is one of A MALE MINORITY, controlling everyone else. This system has replicated itself time and time again, in systems all over the world.

I think Joe Brewer, made this observation in one of his articles, in a totally different way than I have. But if I can recall the gist of what he said, it was along the lines of black lives don’t matter for the same reason female lives don’t matter, our systems don’t value either lives. It’s true.

Neither blacks, of either gender, nor white females are a part of the empowered white male minority in America. If anyone were to ask a Republican Congressman if a black or white female lives mattered, and were to get an honest answer, it would definitely be no. Probably if you asked a Democratic Congressman the same thing, (and again were to get an honest answer) the answer would be the same.

Also, if you were to ask them about the value of a poor white male’s life- and by that I mean anyone earning less than six figures annually, and get an honest answer-it would be “that man’s life matters very little.”

Feminists are guilty of pointing to one side of the equation, (which is that our systems do not value female life.) But they are not wrong. They are telling the truth, just not the whole truth; and honestly? I’m not sure that matters all that much.

It has taken a very long time for women to rise up and say (to men the world over) “stop killing us because we are in the way.”

But…it needs to be said. And I am glad people like Ana are saying it. More people of both genders need to really examine the destructiveness of these male dominated systems, and understand how this imbalance is a threat to the entire species, because it is.

One has only to look at places like Chicago and Aleppo, and ask themselves “what becomes of us if this cancer spreads?”

Mike Meyer can you back me up on this one? I think you might be the only other Mediumite who will get this.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!