I agree with all of this. People become good at whatever their culture values and then that, in turn, gets encoded on the DNA, hence the genetics. African-Americans value athletes and entertainers, and so those are the skills that are rewarded inside the culture. Reading is not. I know all of this because I’m in the culture and I’m not the least bit athletic (got constantly dissed for that), am usually only mildly entertaining (by African-American standards) and I read a lot (and was generally treated as a freak of nature for that.)

From exposure to other cultures, I’d say your right about the Irish and the Jews. Let’s break it down by continent, Europeans tend to be obsessed with controlling the environment because those European environments were so harsh. Africans didn’t have those concerns, and had a lot more time to sing and dance. Asians…well Asians stay on some whole other shift! Very different from the Europeans or the Africans, but I would say they value order, and the well-being of the group, above all else, but that comes out in weird ways, from the outside looking in.

But, that well being off the group has served their groups well. Did you know that Asians make up 70% of the world population? They got the numbers, and Chinese culture is at least 2000 years old. I really don’t think we want to fuck with these people!!!!!

Working with the Light!

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