I always wanted to know what was up with Pizzagate. My sister was asking me about the other day. I was like, “I don’t really know but something ain’t quite right.”

I think we all need to stop lying to ourselves and admit the pedaphelia is a thing. It’s a thing, and not just in Appalachia or the gutters or the ghettos, but the highest levels of our society. People, really sick people, are f@cking kids. And I think it’s a much bigger issue than any of us ever imagined. First the story broke about it in Britain with the House of Lords or Commons or whatever…and as soon as that story broke, I knew we’d have our version. I knew it. Cause America been mimicking Great Britain’s crimes for years.

So yeah…something ain’t right. Too bad the guy didn’t find the kids.

Working with the Light!

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