I am an American living in Florida. You become the grammar police. You see it’s these nuances that trip you up. Americans always use their articles, words like a, an, the, for us it’s so basic it’s subconscious, we don’t even think about it.

And generally we don’t announce that we’re American. Everyone over here is American. People will say, I’m from the East Coast or the West Coast or the South or the Midwest, or the Bible Belt. People generally do not say the generic American unless they are from another country.

When English is your second language, though it’s hard to remember all those little rules and insignificant words. Those little words really don’t do much, except to prove who speaks English as their first language and who doesn’t.

So where you at in Florida? What’s your favorite beach? What’s the weather like? What’s Florida called, and is it living up to it’s name today?

Working with the Light!

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