I am someone who has actually worked in the federal government and knows what those ethical rules are. How you can just blatantly ignore and disregard rules and laws, when the politician is “0n your side” goes to how deeply YOU are programmed.

I don’t trust Dems or Pubs. Can’t stand the idiocy of Fox News. Can’t stand the idiocy of CNN. Because I don’t like having my intelligence insulted.

I can read and think. Anyone who gets their information from either of these sources and believes it does not.

I get my information from a number of sources, most of them far outside of the mainstream.

I have worked in DC and I know how the games are played, and here is what you need to understand, just because a liberal says it, does it mean it is a lie. It is at least 50% of the time, a truth you just don’t want to deal with because it doesn’t fit into your worldview.

The same is true of conservatives. They all play the same games and sling mud in the same ways. My point is you cannot complete ignore one side, and totally agree with the other.

Almost all the news we get is fake and watered down and dumbed down. People all over the world laugh and joke about how stupid and brainwashed most Americans are. The entire world…billions of people laughing at all of us. And they should.

But now I’m getting really pissed at the Pubs because what they are ignoring is beyond criminal. It is disgraceful. It is destroying the country. It is lining their pockets and killing off just about everyone else; and the Dems aren’t much better because they are complicit. Can’t stand any of them.

But I’m sick of hearing about Hillary. Never liked her, but Pub assholes are making her into a martyr. And Dems are too.

I’m the one who knows it’s all a pack of lies, for the most part. You are the one who has been programmed and conned. I am the one who can criticize all the parties, and at least attempt to wade through what is true and what is a lie. It is difficult, but I can do it.

You sound like you believe everything you hear on Fox or Breitbart. People are writing about how they blatantly manipulate people with terror and fear and keep them tuned in like little puppets on a string.

Mainstream media generally insults one’s intelligence. It produces content at a fourth grade level. Fox and Breitbart produce content at a two-year old level. Which is to say, they press emotional buttons and don’t allow (don’t want) people to think critically.

I am exasperated with the lack of critical thinking! Exasperated! You are stuck on Hillary like a dog with a bone, just completely ignoring, all kinds of other information.


Do you know there is a cancer epidemic in this country? An opioid crisis, affecting people-LIKE YOU. Do you even care that your people are dying in record numbers? Or are you still stuck on Hillary?

Do you know how I know there is an opioid crisis? Because I am from Ohio, and I get first hand information about all of the horrible things that are happening to people (mainly white people) who live in the small towns there.

Trump promised to help those people. They have not been helped, in fact, all of Trump’s proposed budget cuts will deeply hurt social programs.

I never pay attention to a damn thing any politician says, but what they do. And that’s the kind of stuff Fox News never talks about. Anything on the opioid crisis? Anything on what’s being done about it?

Plenty on Hillary though. And who is brainwashed? The person who looks at what is actually happening in the real world? Or the person who gets all their information from Fox News?

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!