I am very clear in my speech and points. I have a law degree. I have gone into courts and won cases hon, so nah. I know how to make a very persuasive argument. I am beast at it.

So…..I don’t worry about not making sense. And I don’t worry about all the social media rhetorical games folks wanna play. I watch them and rate them, learn from them. The rhetorical game is changing! People lie and then lie about their LIES!!! That’s new. I didn’t learn that in law school. Now Caitlin? She has got some skills! She has got mad rhetorical skills! You? Not so much. But really it’s a compliment, because it just means you’re not good at being duplicitous and deceitful. Your voice is authentic.

Yes, I have a right to express my opinion, as does everyone else. But I will challenge anything that doesn’t seem quite right. That is not the same as silencing.

I don’t have the power to silence anyone on social media, neither do you. (We already discussed this.)

As for the hateful language, “cunt” and “lock her up” that’s a different kind of speech.

Any speech that delves off into the realm of causing someone, anyone, to resort to violence, gets a different sort of treatment because you are entering criminal realms with that. An assault is speech that caused someone to fear that they will suffer bodily harm…and hateful speech is always lurking around crimes and violence. It is the neighborhood; and that is what I am protesting. Yeah. I want it to stop.

And while Caitlin is far to clever, to go into hateful realms herself, she does know how to hit those emotional buttons and whip people up into a dangerous rage over issues, that are largely irrelevant.

Hell, she pushed my buttons with the whole Trump is less evil than Hillary. That pushed my buttons! And she knows exactly what she is doing, she wants a visceral, emotional reaction. She just doesn’t want mine, she wants yours cause you’re buying what she is selling without question. And she’s even got you thinking you’re “independent.”

I am calling all that into question, and this might make you very angry. So you want to argue with me over stupid things, my identity and whether I can talk about it, come on! Seriously? I know so much more about my identity than you ever will, and I probably know more about yours, than you could ever understand about mine, only because doing so has been critical to my survival. I had to know what it means for a man to be white in America. You never did, because white maleness doesn’t represent any direct threat to your existence.

But my point is, (and this is unrelated to all the Hillary stuff) those basic rules are changing. Being white and male in America doesn’t have the same kind of juice it once had, and you are miffed about it, so you get caught up in identity politics. You want to point out how you are suffering, being white and male, and you accuse me of doing the same. My response: no not exactly except to say that you won’t listen to me because you have been deeply indoctrinated with the belief that voices like mine don’t matter. And believe me, I know how hard it is to undo that indoctrination, so I am not really trying. Im largely being facetious and flippant.

My point is I am over it. My life has been identity politics. I know how to navigate that landscape very well, but it’s new to you; and so you are largely feeling it is something to attack or defend against. I am trying to tell you, for me, it is not about that. I realized long ago how that particular game was played.

You would do well to wake up and realize how it is being played too. Especially, since the rules are changing. But, and this is an African-American expression that captures this discourse between you and I perfectly “you don’t hear me though.”

You might be thinking, “I am so sick of uppity black b&tches who think they know everything!” Cause it is so much easier to just lash out, rather than do any deep self reflecting. I get it.

And you Just wanna punch a wall. So you do. Next you punch your friend or your girlfriend or your kid. You kick the dog. Or not.

My overall point- whether you would do something like this or not- is having angry emotional buttons pushed- is not good for YOU. It leads to angry and irrational reactions, and all of this hateful, irrational, anger is not good for anyone! And I believe, I really do, that you are being manipulated into it.

Working with the Light!