I am well aware he has his issues, don’t we all? He sells a product; and it’s a good product if the point is to introduce the masses to spirituality. He is very good at dumbing spirituality down into little bit-sized pieces anyone can eat. He decided he should be very well paid for his product and services, This is very predatory, in a sense.

But he’s not unusual, just unusually successful. There are many Indians like him. Spirituality was probably one of India’s main exports, before the IT Help was a thing. In the 70s and 80s my mom had her own personal Indian guru, whom she adored. (Dr. Kilkarne - I thought he was a con man.) But the Indians got spiritual products galore. Can we Americans really hold that against them? (I’m assuming you’re an American). It’s better than what we sell in America (fear and loathing, primarily). And if you know nothing about spirituality, Chopra is better than nothing. Like I said, he’s meditation with training wheels.

I am well aware that it’s pretty meaningless to dip your toe into Chopra’s waters if you’re unwilling to do a whole lot of of other spiritual work, involving deeper meditation and study of spiritual concepts, such as unity consciousness and the illusory nature of this reality. I have done this work though a study of text called A Course in Miracles. That text is like spirituality at level 1001; and almost no one I know can relate to that text. If you hope to get people to the average Joe to begin to examine their level of consciousness, (which I do) you have to start with where consciousness is at; and it is largely at a Chopra commercial level.

Has the commercialization of spirituality cheapened it somewhat? Of course. But we all live in a 3D world, with physical bodies that need food, clothing and shelter, so what is someone who considers themselves a Spiritual teacher (as Chopra clearly does, as I now do) supposed to do? Trust, I have given thought to this question. I don’t have any easy answers.

I have checked out a few of your articles; and so I see that you are wading in the deeper waters on this stuff too. Thanks for reaching out.

Working with the Light!

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